About Us

Our company tries to excel at every aspect of the business and this is why we constantly look for ways to improve and become more accessible. We understand that customer satisfaction depends on a number of factors and this is why we try to cover them all.

First of all Carpet Cleaning Wandsworth was started about a decade ago with the clear idea that the services will be affordable and versatile. We never overcharged for sanitation assistance and we have always given our clients the complete freedom to determine the extent of our intervention. Today we still have the lowest prices in the area but we have also added great package deals and discounts. When it comes to the monetary aspect of things we really are the leading name in the cleaning business in Wandsworth as clients get the best value for their money with us.

Our personnel are also a very crucial asset. Our company invests heavily into preparation and training. We hire only the most reliable and dependable candidates for our position. Our cleaning jobs require not only skill, but attention as well. We want to be flawless and to never commit mistakes during a sanitation project. This is why we have experienced technicians with outstanding knowledge of the matter of cleaning. Our technicians undergo in-house coaching where they learn how to operate complex commercial machinery. We also teach them about detergents, solutions and dry cleaning. No corners are cut during this process as we understand that nothing must be damaged or even overlooked during cleaning.

We also make sure to buy the finest cleaning equipment. Our commercial grade machinery, brushes, mops, sponges and blankets allow us to work efficiently and quickly. We are a “green” company and we protect the environment. Our cleaning detergents are nontoxic and are all eco-friendly.